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Posted: Mon Nov 29, 2010 12:09 pm Post subject: disabling greylisting for specific smtp senders
Hi all,

In some situations, it's necessary to whitelist servers that have a bad retry setup.
Greylisting whitelisting

In my specific problem, the belgacom/skynet relays seem to handle retries weirdly.

Here is how I've done with tumgreyspf on a debian host :

- create /etc/tumgreyspf/disable.conf containing :


- link this file in the tumgrey var dir :
to disable spf for mails coming from :

mkdir /var/lib/tumgreyspf/config/client_address/195/238/6
ln -s /etc/tumgreyspf/disable.conf /var/lib/tumgreyspf/config/client_address/195/238/6/default

if you wish to be more specific, the name of symbolic link can be the last digits of the IP.

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