Upgrading Citrix XenServer 5.5 to 5.6

You can use xenserver 5.6 media for upgradation. While booting from installation media you’ll find following option

upgrade xenserver-5.5
perform clean installation

Here you can choose upgrade xenserver-5.5
Before upgrading pl ensure to take backup of all VMs & host. If there error during installation you may loose running VMs.

Following examples will be helpful for backup & restore.
pool data
xe pool-dump-database file-name=”xen1.pool”
xe pool-restore-database file-name=”xen1.pool”

host data
xe host-backup file-name=”xen1.xbk”
xe host-restore file-name=”xen1.xbk”

vm back
xe vm-export filename=VM.xva vm=”VM”
xe vm-import filename=VM.xva


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